doctors standing in a corridor ready to make a ward round

Family medicine and Psychiatry Care services are a specialization at Saphire Primary Care Associates. Our Medical Clinic is highly respected and repeatedly recommended for the quality treatment services and the compassionate patient care we have afforded to our patients regardless of what age group they belong.

Saphire Primary Care Associates is focused on providing first-class medical care and Psychiatry Care services to patients who are experiencing a variety of health issues – we give you advice, we recommend the best cure and the support to get through your health ordeals.

We help preserve and promote your best health by ensuring that you get superior quality in treatment for minor acute conditions and chronic are management, diagnostic tests, yearly physical health checks, and referrals to specialty care as needed.

We serve both walk-in patients and those with appointments. As much as possible, we keep the waiting time short so that you can maximize your time at Saphire Primary Care Associates.