A practice in general medicine but with dedicated patient care!
Saphire Primary Care Associates offers a complete range of medical care services for children, adults, and seniors. We specialize in preventive care and family medicine. We are committed to helping you and your family in attaining the very best of health.

Our medical clinic is privately-owned and locally operated, giving the community personalized health services. We not only provide health care treatment and diagnostic services but we also educate our patients on how to maintain their best health. The most effective form of preventive care is in becoming educated about our bodies, how to take care of ourselves and what habits we should form to preserve our wellness.

When you need advice about your health or require specialized treatment for your health issues, turn to Saphire Primary Care Associates.

Services We Offer

We specialize in a variety of health services for clients with different needs.

Primary Care Services

A primary care physician is a specialist that provides definitive care...

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Psychiatry Care Services

Saphire Primary Care Associates specializes in comprehensive mental health treatment...

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Telehealth Services

Through the use of telehealth services, we deliver health care remotely...

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Low T Treatment

We completely understand the circumstances of having a low testosterone level...

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Weight Loss Program

We offer a program that can help you achieve results with your weight loss goal...

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We offer more information on the different services we offer. Read them here today!

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

To provide first-class medical care to patients of all ages who are experiencing a variety of health issues – we give you advice, a cure, and the support to get through your health ordeals.

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